Give em what they want

Call me crazy, but maybe, just maybe the Senate should follow suit and fail this damn bailout legislation. While I personally think that some kind of plan is necessary to end the economic funk, the people have spoken, and I’m naive enough to believe that we still live in a democratic society. So if the general will calls for it, I believe it is our elected leader’s responsibility to honor their constituents. I’ll openly admit that my limited knowledge of the economy might disqualify my assessment of this situation, but I really think there has to be another way of repairing theses deep financial wounds while simultaneously acting in the best interest of both the Republican and Democratic electorates. I’m somewhat concerned that should our Congress force this bill though without popular approval, we might be on course for an even greater political disaster. Public trust of our government has hit an all time low, with both the President and Congress sporting abysmal approval ratings, and should the legislature further ignore the cries of the people, we could see a new brand of political apathy on an epic scale. Therefore, while many Senators and Congressmen have cited that they are acting in the public interest, I would propose that doing “wrong thing” in this case, might actually be the best thing to do.


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