For those who think Ifill is in the tank…

Fox news is a twitter this morning over Gwen Ifill moderating Thursday’s debate. She is writing a book exploring a new era in black politics. Obama is inevitably part of that story. Fox news is breathless in claiming Ifill is in the tank for Obama. We’ve even had a commenter here at thinkPOP insinuate the same. So in an effort to defend Ms. Ifill, who thinkPOP is an unabashed fan of….I give you Michael Calderone’s article up on politico at this moment. But I also share Ifill’s own description of the book. 

One last thing, Michael Calderone asks in his piece:

I think Malkin and other critics have a right to raise questions about whether Ifill should be moderating, but at the same time, it’s not as if the veteran PBS journalist has been keeping the book under wraps until now…So why is this coming up less than 36 hours before Palin and Biden hit the stage?

The answer of course, is that the Fox News crowd and the McCain campaign need to explain in advance why Palin’s performance in the upcoming debate is so poor, if indeed it is. Why wasn’t this question raised earlier? Because Ifill’s intergrity as a journalist is unquestionable, but in the desperation of a floundering campaign and weak VP candidate, shoot the messenger is the name of the game. All part of the McCain campaign’s war on the press.


3 Responses

  1. Hello? The title of her book ends with… “in the Age of Obama”. Duh…

    But of course she doesn’t have a biased horse in this race. However, if Obama loses, she stands to lose hundreds of thousands of dollars as her book won’t be worth very much then.

    Nuff said.

  2. I definitely think it is the wrong idea to have someone who is writing a book having to do even the slightest bit with Obama; even if it’s one chapter that hasn’t even been written yet. You need someone much nearer to the middle.

    That being said, she did a good job. If she does have a clear bias towards the Dems, it certainly did not show. I was impressed.

  3. Gwen Ifill did a fabulous job at the debate. She’s a top notch journalist and a fair journalist.

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