RNC 08-Minnesota Beats Up the Press

We all watched the RNC a few weeks ago. I felt rather well-informed watching each speaker give their automatic affirmation of Republican ideals and principals while constantly showering praise upon John McCain. What we didn’t see was the 800 protestors that were arrested just blocks away. Moreover, we never heard about the accredited members of the press that were swept up in an act that can only be accurately described as police brutality. Sadly, these events got barely a mention across the mainstream media. I find this especially sad because even if you don’t support the goals of the protestors, the right to protest is sacred in this country. Moreover, we claim to value a free press, yet even among their colleagues these men and women went unnoticed. On The Media from WNYC did an interview with Amy Goodman of Democracy Now! her takes on the arrests (including her own) and the media blackout of the event are illuminating.


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