EJ Dionne: The McCain Stunt Not Presidential

Washington Post Columnist EJ Dionne is up with a column that explains a little of how the sausage got made in the McCain’s campaign suspension. Then he proceeds to rip it up. His principle argument lies in that bipartisanship and negotiating were already well underway, McCain’s intervention mearly muddied the waters. 

…for days, bipartisanship has been the rule on both sides of this argument. Republicans and Democrats alike were highly critical of President Bush‘s proposal to inject $700 billion into the financial system. Yet leaders of both parties were trying hard to negotiate an agreement with Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson. That’s why they were close to an agreement in principle even before the two presidential nominees arrived for yesterday’s White House meeting that McCain thought was so important….

…Fear is a terrible motivator for careful legislating, but it’s a heck of a way to bring about a lot of bipartisanship. McCain jumped into this game in the fourth quarter….

Its a great column. Take a look and you’ll get a sense for how the McCain stunt really worked out.


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