Best Bloggers in the Business

This is one of those times where I show my naked admiration for professional bloggers that are (at least to me) leading the way in covering this extraordinary campaign season. While there are many excellent reads out there (see blog roll) I need to mention these three, in no particular order. 

Johnathan Martin covering republicans for and he counterpart Ben Smith covering the democrats. Their blogs are sharp, consistant, informative, and with enough real-world perspective not to get too wonkish. If you aren’t subscribed to their RSS feeds yet, you should be. 

The other blog to mention is The Fix on the Washington Post. Chris Cillizza writes an exceptional take on the emerging stories of the day/week. Clearly more opinionated than the first two mentioned, The Fix likes to mix it up. A great read and real opinion generator. 

If you keep up with the political season no other way than reading these three blogs, you’ll be better informed than most voters.


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