McCain Seeks to Delay debate

The Washington Post reports Senator John McCain is asking to delay Friday’s national foreign policy debate so he and Senator Barack Obama can head to Washington and attempt to solve the legislative deadlock between the executive branch and congress.  Its a brilliant stroke and a political trap. If Obama says yes, then he is playing into McCain’s attempt to look presidential on the economy. If he says no, then McCain can say Obama would rather be talking about solutions than actually creating them. McCain’s announcement is curiously timed, as President Bush is issuing a statement tonight on the subject. If this is in lockstep with the White House it would be a glorious political coupe, but I doubt it’s that coordinated.  So is this a genuine move for leadership or a political ploy? How should Obama respond?


One Response

  1. I think Obama is doing the right thing. I don’t think this was that coordinated. I think McCain is trying to use this to get ahead in the polls…

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