A Note on Comments


Here at thinkPOP we believe in open discussion of the day’s issues, politics, policy, and pop culture. In fact, we’re dedicated to fostering it. Our comment boards are extremely inclusive, in fact we enjoy comments in disagreement more that comments of agreement. If you make a comment on a post of ours here on thinkPOP it will most likely get approved. There are but a few exceptions. 

1. Foul Language-its a family friendly blog here, folks. While we all slip into the occasional “@#($&$!!!” but we need to keep it clean for the kids.

2. Over the top, direct attacks of people, no matter how public a person they may be. I have called the occasional columnist a Pinhead (Kristol, I’m looking at you), but I have also seen the comment boards on Politico.com and what passes for opinion is nothing more than vitriol. I don’t need chum in the water. If you have serious misgivings about Sarah Palin, let us know, if you wouldn’t trust Hillary Clinton with a lawn dart much less a nuclear weapon, we want to hear about it. But please keep your more personal and disgusting remarks for these and all politicians to yourselves. 

3. NO SPAM, should be an obvious one. Hey if you read something on thinkPOP and post a response on your blog, definitely post a link, I wanna go see. If you are “from ethiopia” and “require just one dollar and my ATM card number to start your dream business.” Take a hike. 

Simple. Effective. These are the “rules” here on thinkPOP. As this post will go the way of the of all ephermal blog posts…it will also be found HERE on our comment policy page.



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