A Blog I Don’t Understand

Sarah Palin and an assault rifleI’ve taken time out from more important subjects before to bash the PUMA movement, but its Monday and I ran across a new PUMA blog and I had to take a few minutes to explain just how little sense it makes. The blog is titled PUMAs for Palin.

PUMA, you will remember stands for “Party Unity My Ass.

But after reading this blog apparently PUMA really means “vote for a vagina.”

If you were a Hillary Clinton supporter there were presumably certain things about her platform you agreed with. Her opposition to the War in Iraq, her stand for Universal Healthcare, her desire to reform the tax code to benefit the middle class, her expressed desire to build a new green economy. And on a more personal level you thought that someone who had been a senator for 6 years and a First Lady for 8 had the necessary experience to be commander in chief. 

Her campaign stumbled and she narrowly lost the primary to a candidate that believes in many of the same platform positions she does, but was believed by many voters to be the better change agent. 

So now you have turned to support Sarah Palin, a candidate who holds exactly none of the policy positions Hillary Clinton does. Who thinks the market should decide on healthcare, who’s foreign policy experience is the ability to see Russia from the coast of Alaska, who’s idea of a new energy economy is drilling for more domestic oil. 

The only thing these women have in common-the fact they are women. In every other disernable way these two couldn’t be any more different. So PUMA’s for Palin…I don’t get it. Are you that reverse-sexist that you will vote against your own political interests just to spite Obama and put a woman in the SECOND highest office in the land?

I think it’s utterly ridiculous. And I welcome you to defend your policy position here on thinkPOP, instead of the insular forum of your own strange world, where any female politician that gets a tough question is dealing with sexism. Where simply being a woman means you have the right to vote for someone that looks like you. Incidentally, I find it ironic that if Sarah Palin encountered a real Puma, her first instinct would be to shoot it.

PUMAs you roared to try and change the primary rules and you failed. You roared to try and rally support in Denver and failed. Now you’re roaring for Sarah Palin. It will be your third strike and I can’t wait for you to be out.


4 Responses

  1. Both sides tried to change the DNC primary rules, the Obamacrats were just more successful.

  2. “I welcome you to defend your policy position here on thinkPOP”

    – Thanks, but no thanks!

  3. ‘oops’…That is for you when you really check things out and realize that Governor Palin is much more experienced in just about every sector of our society than Hillary Clinton. It should be obvious why PUMA chooses to support Palin over Clinton. Except for the abortion thing and the universal health care thing, (aka Socialism) both of which are at this point mainly opinions, Palin has done really substantiative things and Clinton has talked. Palin has led and appointed others to lead, has given orders and executed acts that could mean life or death, poverty or affluence, etc. Senator Clinton, except for conning the people of New York into accepting her as a (?) citizen, hasn’t done much. It’s all in the record. All I can say is,”Go, PUMA!”

  4. “I welcome you to defend your policy position here on thinkPOP, instead of the insular forum of your own strange world.”

    This quote suggests that there is a logical policy-based defense, of course. Congrats on leaving up the variety of comments, too–the leading PUMA sites typically delete comments that use logic to contradict their views, rather than engaging in discussion. That’s their right, but it means all they do is preach to their choir.

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