45 Days to Election Time

And what are we talking about?

The question is what were we talking about and what are we talking about. Up until the beginning of the week the McCain campaign was going an excellent job of launching an attack first, and making the 24 cycle all about Obama’s defense. The brilliance of attack politics is that the charge doesn’t even have to be true. On the Sunday talk shows there was actually discussion over whether or not Obama wanted to teach sex ed to kindergartners. Everyone with a brain in washington knew the ad charge wasn’t true, but in this day and age even the lowest of the low needs to be responded to. So while Obama’s camp is defending him against some charge or another…they are spending another day off-message. 

Well, that all changed with the Monday morning. As the banking/credit/real estate crisis began to balloon and Wall street firms began to fall. The story shifted (thankfully) from lipstick on pigs, sex and kindergartners, and who’s a celebrity. As the crisis will require an actual governmental response, the candidates are scrambling with proposals. That’s not to say that Obama has dominated the narrative. He hasn’t. But its no surprise that the polls have shifted as Gov. Palin becomes more irrelevant, and real solutions become necessary.


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