Micrsoft Ads,Part II: I’m a PC?

Microsoft pulled the Seinfeld/Gates spots today and kicked off phase two of their campaign. It’s a competitive spot taking on the perception of being a “PC” as created so brilliantly in the Mac vs. PC ads. For me, this falls really flat. And to jump on the ad blog bandwagon, Pharell’s cameo does absolutely nothing for me.


One Response

  1. Agreed. As a computer programmer, I can’t tell you what sort of hurt that Microsoft is in. It will always be entrenched in business, but for home users, there is no good reason to stick to windows anymore. Apple is the one showing the innovation right now, and for god sakes their ads are pretty good too. I used to be very anti-Apple, but they are doing so many things right. My next laptop will be a Macbook Pro, not a Dell or Toshiba.

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