Obama Must React This Week

There may be no other opportunity quite like this this election year. The deepening financial insecurity penetrating the nation is a crisis of yet unknown magnitude. It is also an opportunity that Obama cannot pass up to convince the American people that he can lead not just on hope and rhetoric, but through a crisis playing out in real time.

How does he capitalize? Three things:

1. Don’t capitalize. If it looks like he is campaigning on the back of crisis it will look like opportunism, not leadership.

2. Speak in bold strokes, not in egghead speak. Tell Americans in simple sound-bite friendly terms what you would do from election day on to solve this problem.

3. Be ready on Day 1.
Roll out a Clinton-esque plan immediatey. Simply speaking intelligently on the issue won’t seal the deal, nor will feeling our pain. This is a moment for leadership, far more than the Georgia conflict this is a chance to tell the American people what you would do to help the nation in a moment of crisis. Less talk-more do it!


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