Towers of Light

September 11th is here again. In fact, it’s almost gone. As a New Yorker, and a lighting designer, there is no more fitting tribute to the memory of the twin towers that once stood in lower manhattan, than the towers of light. An experiment in lighting as subject, the towers of light are really nothing more than two matrices of search lights aimed straight up. It is only their sheer brightness and particles in the air that make them visible to the rest of manhattan. September 11th 2001 was a tragedy in the loss of life and the fundamental changes it made in all of our lives. But there is something about this simple memorial, an ephermal signal of the structures that once were, the lives we once had that holds the most meaning for me. These shafts of brilliant white in the night sky stand as a stark reminder of the lives we once led and the friends we once had. And so, while politicians use the 11th as an excuse to grandstand, and the various factions continue to argue over how best to remember the lost. I offer the towers of light a simple yearly reminder of what we all once had.


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