Palin/Biden Deathmatch?

Here’s one I don’t understand…why every pundit in Washington says Joe Biden will need to be very careful in attacking Sarah Palin in their VP debate. To me its the most sexist thing anyone could say about her candidacy. 

I thought Sarah Palin was the tough-girl, Moose-Killer, Hockey Mom? If she is ready to be commander in chief and has all this foreign policy experience (after all Alaska is the closest state to Russia), why should Biden have to take it easy? Because it won’t look good if the boy beats up on the girl? Please, Gov. Palin, you can’t have it both ways. If you’re a heartbeat away from the presidency, you better be ready to explain your positions to Joe Biden or anyone else with a brain that can ask intelligent questions. Quite frankly, I hope the intellectual gloves come off and we see her have to defend policy positions so close to the Bush era, there’s hardly a visible difference. If she can convince the electorate the US is doing a good job and should keep on doing it…then she’ll win the debate and deserve…otherwise, this Moose-Killer will be lunch meat.


3 Responses

  1. Love your post…Biden will have to go after her…because she will go after him…I just hope the moderators will force the canidates to stick to answering the questions

  2. Biden is so slimy, I really can’t stand him. But I agree he can’t let Palin off easy. As much as I like Palin, she can’t get a free pass by way of having a uterus.

  3. I don’t think anyone needs to worry about Sarah Palin in this debate. And I don’t recall any Republican of any stature suggesting Biden go easy on her. She’s as accomplished as he and more successful in her diverse endeavors and I believe she will more than hold her own.
    Some people are suggesting that if McCain and Palin, in their debates, don’t hit an absolute home run, they lose, and that Obama and Biden have to just squeak by to be perceived as winners. These are the same people who think we should lower our expectations for students in school so all can appear as equals.
    Remember what Saddam said when he didn’t get killed in the first gulf war? “I won!” That won’t work for Biden!

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