Which McCain will we see?

I’m on the move tonight. While happily I will be able to see McCain’s speech tonight. I’ll probably miss the early rounds of speakers.

In any event, I wanted to give my take on what I hope for tonight, but what I dread I will see.

John McCain won his party’s nomination because he is the maverick of the Republicans. The nation is trending leftward, and ultimately voters saw in McCain a man that could compromise with the other side for the betterment of the country. He earned his nomination by sounding the most sane on stage with a group trying to resurrect Reagan.

Yet since securing the party’s nod, McCain has tacked ever rightward. Flip-flopping on oil drilling was just the most vocal of his many moves to pander to base. Until of course he tapped Rush Limbaugh’s “babe” to be his VP.

What I hope to see is the John McCain of old. The man who was classically off message tell his party they are as much to blame for the issues facing America as Democrats are. I want to see the guy who used to snicker about the “message of the week” memos his office would recieve.

Of course I won’t see that man. I won’t are the McCain I grew to respect over the last decade. Instead I will see the new McCain party puppet, hoping to solidfy his base. It saddens me to see where McCain has gone just to keep the race close.

John McCain will you please return tonight?


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