Gossip Girls: Advertising that’s Pitch Perfect





I’ll say right off the bat as a card-carrying straight guy I have never seen an episode of Gossip Girls. But I think that makes me the perfect critic of their new advertising. It’s perfect. Subway walls and highway billboards have been plastered with intense images and direct quotes from family groups and indepenent watch dogs. I don’t know really anything about the show (I’m sure I’m not the target demo) but these ads make me want to know what could possibly be so bad. They’ve made me curious, for better or worse. I think that’s good advertising.


One Response

  1. I’m with you. I have never and will never watch it but these are genius ads. They are a little suggestive, but certainly nothing even near inappropriate, and I think that’s why they work. If they were a bit racier I don’t think it would have worked.
    Excellent advertising.

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