Joe Liberman? Draining the swamp? Reform? Who are these people? And what are they doing?

They cheer Bill Clinton. They talk about cleaning up Washington. They use the words “maverick,” “rebel,” “reform.” They put Joe Lieberman on stage. Who the hell are these people? They’re not any Republicans I know. And I couldn’t help but feel like something was very wrong watching Fred Thompson’s speech – and not just because I was half-expecting him to scold Jack McCoy. I can’t believe what I’m hearing. The reason? I don’t think it’s sincere.

It feels very much like the party is coming together around McCain not because they want to, but because they have to. This is a man they villainized 8 years ago. A man who was too liberal. Too rash. Too bold. And now, they applaud him for the very sins they castigated him for so mercilessly? It all smells so disingenuous and frightens me that if they get what they want – they get the rogue Jedi John McCain and his Padawan, Sarah Palin – they’ll get the real rebels they feared all along. That McCain/Palin won’t pander to the Republican agenda. That they’ll do their own thing. A thing so out of touch with today’s Americans AND the Republican party that we’ll deadlock our country for another 4 years. That’s certainly a change, but it’s “not the change we need.” Worse, it’s equally divisive. I’d almost have rathered Romney take the party nomination and at least advance an intelligent and sober platform for the American public. And he’s got the best hair of any candidate in the last 12 years, that counts for something.

PS: Fred Thompson talks about “draining the swamp” and fixing Washington – and the whole crowd cheers. This puzzles me greatly, as we’re in this mess in no small part due to their current administration and its repeated debacles. Again, I ask, who are these people?


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