Alaskan Speaker of the House Says Palin Qualified…Technically

Hands down, my favorite quote of the day. Not because I want to be crtical of Sarah Palin, but because this is a priceless verbatim. Top Alaskan Republican John Harris, the speaker of the House, when asked about her qualifications for VP, replied with this:

“She’s old enough. She’s a U.S. citizen.”


One Response

  1. What a beautiful VP to be Ms.Sarah Palin. Just for hypothetical discussions, assume President John McCaine drops dead on Nov 10th and dear Sarah has to take the mantle of President of our dear US of A. Sarah will melt every enemy’s heart and Al Keida all around the world will be disbanded quickly when Sarah starts her negotiations with Osama Bin Laden and the Ayotullah of the Lion Country Iran will come to Washington and have a nicely prepared by Sarah White House dinner. What a great intutive wisdom of our President to be the Octogenarian to be ex General Mc Caine.

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