Hurricane Gustav makes it’s way toward New Orleans

Hurricane Gustav is making it’s way toward the Gulf Coast tonight. I don’t have a “take” on this necessarily. It seems this time around FEMA, state, and local officials are moving much more quickly to keep the people of New Orleans out of harm’s way. 

I with my fellow thinkPop writer Raquel made a two trips down to New Orleans a year after Hurricane Katrina made land fall (the images in this post were taken by us). Some wonder why we are even building and rebuilding in a place that floods so much. That’s like wondering why people live in California where there are earthquakes and wildfires, or in the midwest where tornadoes take people’s homes every year. In America we live with diverse natural surroundings and diverse dangers. It is our responsibility to make every American as safe as possible within our shores. 


Tonight as Gustav lurches it’s way to the coast, please keep the city of the New Orleans, and the people of the Gulf Coast in your hearts, minds, and prayers tonight. 

For more on Gustav check out MSNBC’s cover story.

For political fallout on the storm check out politico

And for more on our work to document the year after Katrina. Click Here and Here.


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