Obama’s Speech: More Prose than Poetry

Barack Obama delivered his much anticipated speech tonight at Mile High Stadium. The full text of the speech is available here. While its very late here on the east coast and the convention couldn’t have hit at a worse time in my work schedule I did want to share two of my biggest impressions of the night. 

1. This event changes the game of Presidential politics. 

     Never before has a campaign put together such a grand scale event with so much relevance to its campaign and it’s narrative. The Obama campaign has touted it’s openness and this stadium was full to the tune of 84,000 people, activists, politicians, and supporters from around the country. This event wasn’t big just for the sake of being big, it fulfilled a narrative. 

2. They understood practically what this speech meant. 

     While pundits and washington watchers salivated over the details of this event. The Obama campaign seems to understand that while many have been watching every move intently, many more are only vaguely aware and paying attention to the race thus far. With his prime time hour across the networks Obama strode not for soaring memorable rhetoric, but for the prose of everyday governance. This was the first speech I have ever seen him give where he looked presidential. He could have been POTUS giving the state of the union. For many Americans this was their first chance to watch Obama in long form. It was a very meat and potatoes Presidential speech.


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