OMG: It’s Like Obama Drunk Texted Me at 3AM

The question of who will be awake and ready at 3AM in an emergency has been answered. It’s Barack Obama…and he’s text messaging more furiously than a valley girl with a bedazzled Sidekick.

Much was made of Senator Obama announcing his running mate via text message. And I’ll admit, I bought into it. I signed up because I wanted to be a part of it, both as an interested supporter and as a marketer curious as to how the campaign was going to leverage mobile technology to engage the voters. I have to say, I was disappointed on all counts.

I equate what happened to the girl who gives a fella her number and the guy says he’ll call her tomorrow. In this case, I’m the girl and Senator Obama is the slick dude who got me to let my guard down. I waited all day by my phone for the text message. I kept my phone on vibrate, even during a client presentation, because I was waiting for my candidate to reach out to me. To make me part of a special, collective, unifying community moment. And I hear nothing…all…day…long. It’s not until 3AM (3:19 on my cell phone records) that I get a text message. Does the Obama campaign think its followers are all ragers on the East coast? Did they think we were going to stay up all night waiting for his call?

Did Obama make the right call on Biden? I think so. I like Senator Biden a lot and found him to be a refreshing voice, if a dissenting one, during the Democratic debates. But this text announcement was a lost opportunity to get everyone all abuzz at once. To send people madly scrambling from their cells and PDAs online to spread the word. Which begs the question: If the Obama campaign was going to spread the world with half the world asleep, why bother? It’s like sending a marketing email on a Friday, when no one is going to pay any attention. Weak. Lame. Disappointing. A little hurtful even to those of us who were waiting on the other end of the line.

Assuming I had been awake, my reply would have gone a little something like,  “TTYL, B. Slpng.”

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  1. Check out this website…. my friend feels your pain.

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