Obama Chooses Biden

Barack Obama has tapped Joe Biden to be his running mate. Looks like David Brooks and I both got our wish!

I’ve like Biden as a candidate for a long time, I am thrilled and shocked that Obama actually picked the guy I wanted take a look at this taken from a post back in our Policythought days….

However, once the dust clears and one of them is the definitive nominee the name under theirs on the ticket should be Senator Joe Biden. Senator Biden has demonstrated consistent cogent understanding on the war in Iraq and the history of the conflicts of the middle east. His proposal of a federalized system of governance was right before and it is right now as an effective way of building a future in Iraq that’s not “Stay for 100 years” and not “Get out in 60 Days.

Smart pick all around. Biden is a working class hero with incredible loyalty and intelligence. This pick gives Obama a balanced ticket.


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