Did Obama Twitter You?

I think we can all agree one thing that has helped get Obama to the rarefied air he is without his entire team’s mastering the art of publicity on the Web. The Web has been around long enough that this isn’t the first time it was a major factor but they are certainly using it to a massive advantage. One of the things I loved that Obama did was announcing that he had picked Joe Biden as his running mate by using Twitter. Twitter is far and away the most used micro-blogging web application in use today. As of this very moment, over 66,000 people receive updates immediately as they are posted.

So what is so special about Twitter? Can’t his web site do the same thing? The main advantage of Twitter is that you can send and receive “Tweets” from any cell phone that can text message. Now, I’m sure there was a large amount of people waiting by there phone or on the computer in their underwear waiting for the announcement that came at 3 o’clock this morning, but in the grand scheme of things the actual announcement was not the big deal. It is the fact that it got even more people interested in the campaign.

The very cool thing about Barack Obama is that it appears he has almost as many people he follows as follow him. I highly doubt Barack is even the one doing the “tweeting” or reading of these messages, it is probably some young volunteers or the like. Yet it opens up the possibility of easy two-way communication with him if he were so inclined.

You can follow Obama on Twitter and follow this fascinating campaign in yet another way.


2 Responses

  1. Excellent post. Obama’s secret from day one is technology. Nomatter where you go, Facebook, YouTube, My Space, Obama is there. His personal dot com website is extremely interactive. You get emails me at least twice a day from someone in his campaign or from him or Michelle. There is definitely a young generation behind him and they have blown him up technologically speaking. They haven’t left any stone unturned.

  2. Signed up yesterday and he became my first follower, I am not of the younger generation, but it gave a real boost. Clever stuff most politians never acknowledge you at all, Don’t care if it was fancy software made my day.

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