Usain Bolt, Super Human?

The “lighting bolt” took another world record in beijing this week. Something swirling around living rooms and blogs today…is the bolt juicing? Fair or not when a single sprinter bursts through two world records, the world’s ears will perk up. Of course he and his trainers deny any wrong doing. There isn’t reason to believe there has been wrong doing, except for the exceptional nature of his accomplishments. 

I hope he’s clean, but thanks to all the cheaters before him, there will always be those that wonder.


2 Responses

  1. You are so right, just because other have done the cheating thing in the past of course they are gonna ask questions and suspect. The only secret to di young man speed is some good ole renta yam, white yam, green banana, dumplin and natural food. No artificial thing round here. Ah bwoy those haters just cant believe it. Jamaicans have always been great is just now the drugs test so rampant why the rest of steroids filled runners cant cheat as they want. God never did ah sleeep all dem years. Show off yuh hear mi fren “Lightening Bolt” 🙂

  2. He is just insanely fast … and he definitely has the right name for the job!

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