Shame on You Simon & Schuster

The man that brought us the Swift Boat farce is back. Jerome R. Corsi has penned another work of fiction. This one about none other than Barack Obama. I’m not going to take up more time here repeating lies into the echo chamber but give a read to a few credible reports, here, here, and here. And you will quickly see what I mean.

I don’t have a problem with an author penning a work of essetially fiction to tear down a political opponent, that, after all, is the American way. I do have a problem with Simon and Schuster the book’s publisher. I’m not opposed to people making money and sadly we know this work of nonsense is going to make a lot of it. What I have a problem with is a publishing house that seems to have no problem publishing this as if it were a well-researched peer-reviewed biography. It’s not. It’s reinterpretation, innuendo, and downright fiction at some turns. The publishers are allowed to take their hefty profits and move along, apparently guiltless in spreading what is essentially a book of lies.

The simple fact this man was already allowed to desecrate John Kerry’s military service on a pack of what were proven to be lies should have given Simon and Schuster pause before publishing a book of opinion and fantasy packaged as fact.

There will be those that say the American people are smart enough to see the difference and tell the truth for themselves. The American people shouldn’t all have to play investigative reporter when it comes to the media. Intermediaries like publishers, newspapers, and network news rooms are supposed to filter out biased non-facts.

If ABC were to make a movie based on this book and broadcast it in prime time, there would be a national uproar. Yet confined to print lies are allowed to stay, and fester, and feed blogs and mass emails. All so a publishing house can make a buck.

Shame on you, Simon and Schuster. For a laugh go to the book’s page on the Simon and Schuster website, scroll through the description and then read the comments section. Intellectual dissonance at it’s finest.


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