Rudy Giuliani to give Keynote at GOP convention

Johnathan Martin reports Mayor Rudy will be giving the keynote at the GOP convention. One of the odder picks to give the keynote, former NYC mayor, temporary superhero, and lousy presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani being tapped tells me a few things:

1. Mitt Romney could very well be VP choice. Why do I say this? Well, had Mitt been tapped for the speech I would have seen it as preparing him for taking the nomination in 2012 (should McCain lose). Many in the party were peeved he didn’t win the nomination, including the talk radio set. Romney not getting the nod leads me to believe he may have an even bigger prize waiting…

2. The GOP wants national security front and center. Rudy’s message during the primaries was that the global war on terror was the enterprise of the 21st century. Since the primaries, McCain has come closest to taking up that mantle. Having Giuliani, Mr. 9/11, deliver that message loud and clear sets the table for McCain to make national security the issue of the election. 

3. Rudy’s running for governor. He’s been toying with being governor of NY, and the seat will be open in 2010. A national primetime slot would be a great way to reestablish himself positively after a dismal end to his presidential campaign.


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