Maureen Dowd: Two Against One

One has to wonder is Maureen Dowd, really paranoid or really funny.


2 Responses

  1. I think funny. It’s obvious she created an outrageous narrative to deliver her point that Hilary is undermining the Obama campaign as much as the McCain camp hoped she would.

    That’s just her style.

  2. Since 2000, responsible journalism and commentary have been a continual disappointment. Maureen Dowd’s vendetta against Hillary Clinton joins the list of poor, inadequate or irresponsible news commentary and reports (the lead-up to the Iraq war and political judicial appointments are just two of numerous journalism failures). Dowd, MSNBC, CNN’s Caffferty and others are determined to make sure the Democratic party does not unite by making Hillary the scapegoat for any problems in the Obama campaign. I’m following Hillary’s lead in switching my support to Obama but ill-advised and immature columns like Dowd’s undermine healing and, if continued, will undermine Dem success in November. Move over, Rush. You have competition for sleazy commentary.

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