How I got started blogging

In an effort to embed myself further into the blogosphere, I’m writing in response to a post I found, looking for the story of how I began blogging. ThinkPop is a relatively new blog. I started it about a month ago, however, its a rebirth of sorts of a blog I started about year ago called Policythought. Policythought was an effort to elevate policy about politics and debate issues. I consistently found myself debating my friends about policy positions but always wanted to expand that conversation to wider audience. All too often I think the Internet is being utilized as a place to share ideas, more as an echo chamber. And so, I was quickly joined by a few friends to start building the debate. 

Recently, I decided to rebrand a bit and expand to Policy, Politics, and Pop Culture. Why? Because increasingly its hard to separate out the popular culture from the politics and then from the policies. They are distinct, but often the lines are blurry. It’s also a way of expanding the scope of our readership beyond policy wonks. We hope its working…if our hit counter is any indication. Then it already is.


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  1. Thanks for joining in, James. Hope you’re enjoying blogging. For a newish blog, you’ve got a lot of stuff here.

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