Obama whining out of Saddleback

It’s a sign you had a lousy performance when you blame the stage. It’s not that Obama had a bad night in Saddleback. It’s just that he didn’t have a particularly good one, and McCain had a better one. Rather than come out of the night with a positive narrative about how Rick Warren’s parishoners got a chance to hear him delve into some issues of morality and character, Obama’s people floated the idea to NBC’s Andrea Mitchell that in fact McCain was not in the “cone of silence” off stage. 

First of all, in the age of blackberries and text messages there is no such thing as a cone of silence. If McCain wanted to know what questions were coming he certainly could have. Second, that’s not cheating. It’s smart. McCain went second and going second in a forum like this is always advantageous. It’s silly for the Obama camp to venture that McCain sounded better because he knew what was coming. 

As a presidential candidate it’s your job to answer thousands of questions and to know your audience. John McCain was surrounded by his base and had a home court advantage. You agreed to the venue, you did your best, McCain had a better night, suck it up and move on to the next stop. 

No one likes a whiner.


3 Responses

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  2. Yeah, I killed that whining whimp.

  3. I didn’t hear the debate, but I’ve read a good bit since. I think you’re right that Obama has to put it behind him and gear up for the next business. Maybe it can serve as a wake up call; perhaps McCain isn’t one to underestimate at this point in the campaign.

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