Sorry PUMAs, it’s not Hillary’s party.

I’m not quite sure what Hillary Clinton supporters still want? Apparently, its catharsis now. First they wanted to win easily and move on to the general election, then the new guy with the funny name messed that up. Then they wanted to dominate Super Tuesday, turns out in their party delegates are assigned proportionally, so that didn’t work. Then they lost eleven primaries in a row. Which despite their other wins, made it mathematically impossible for them to win the nomination. Unless you counted Michigian, you Michigan where Obama wasn’t even on the ballot.

Is it frustrating to lose, Yep. Is it even saddening? You bet. Is it time to get over it? Has been for awhile. But while the Clintons are dutifully trying to lend their tongue-in-cheek support to Senator Obama, Hillary also has no problem playing the Clinton-as-victim card yet again to ensure sympathy and support for her next go around (if there is one) in 2012. It’s also worth noting that if the roles were to be reversed, and Obama had lost so narrowly, the Clinton machine would have ground his remains to dust and swept him away by now. Any attempt at Obama-supporter catharsis would have been poo-poohed away. 

A respectable candidate would have told the PUMA’s to go home already. Instead, we’re going to have Senator Clinton named in nomination for a vote on the convention floor.  Obama’s move is gracious and in this context, chivalrous even. But what do PUMA’s want? Hillary Clinton can’t win the nomination, could someone please tell me…what is it you ladies (mostly) want?


One Response

  1. Well, the Clintonistas want a vagina as POTUS- nothing less and nothing more.

    Sadly, Hillary being on the ballot and roll-call vote is the proper thing to do according to DNC bylaws. Obama didn’t secure enough pledged delegates to win the nomination without the Convention and the superdelegate vote, so both major contenders have to be included.

    Hopefully it will mean nothing in long run – but I’m not ruling out the Clinton machine yet. They may well have enough money or dirt to “acquire” the nomination or force a VP selection.

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