McCain, the reactionary candidate?

It’s been a relatively quiet week politically speaking. I have a theory as to why this might be. 

Obama is on vacation.

While pundits breathlessly salivate over possible VP choices, and wonder aloud whether Obama should have taken a vacation in August. The candidate himself has been on vacation in his native Hawaii. When Obama’s not making news, someone else isn’t either…John McCain. 

McCain’s campaign narrative thus far anyway has been to negatively define Obama. Rather than launch new policy debates week to week, McCain sits back waits to pounce on Obama. Obama goes to Europe, McCain is there to say he wants the support of bikers over Berliners. Obama mentions inflating your tires (btw, it really does improve effiecency) McCain’s there to pass out the tire gauges. Obama goes on a quiet vacation, McCain…doesn’t have much to say. 

McCain’s campaign has been largely reactionary. So the next natural question is…does that say anything about his leadership style or his political philosophy? 

The simple answer may be yes. Conservatism essentially believes that government is doesn’t solve problems, government is the problem (See: Reagan). McCain policy on education is more school choice (let the market decide), on healthcare is let people shop across state lines and create medical savings accounts (let the market decide), on energy its the Lexington Project, which basically says we’re all for more energy however it comes to market (let the market decide). It’s not an indictment on his policies, I’m not necessarily arguing for more government involvement on any of these issues. What I am saying though is that if your stand is basically to deregulate and let the free markets decide the fate of the nation, then you might not necessarily be out in front with policy positions, or driving the debate. Especially if that market first ethos has been in power for 8 years and considered by and large a failure. 

And what does this say if McCain is elected and faces a democratic majority in Congress? Will he be there driving debate? Or will he sit back and wait to fight congress the way he waits to fight Obama?


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  1. Look at McCain’s recent commercials. He doesn’t really seem to talk about the issues (his supposed stand on protecting the environment, etc). His commercials seem to attack Obama and his charisma. Last that I remember, charisma wasn’t a campaign issue.
    I totally agree with you that McCain is a reactionary. Maybe if Obama was some regular schmo, then McCain would actually talk about the issues than express his jealousy that Obama comes across better, is more dynamic and generates positive energy. McCain and how he presents himself seems slow, boring and stagnant. Who do you actually think has the ability to make things happen. I’ll let you decide.

    Jose A. Rodriguez

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