McCain Falls Further into Sleaze

Two things have deeply disappointed me thus far in this campaign. Obama has turned to a sort of vagueness on issues ranging from off-shore drilling to foreign policy. At a time when America is craving definitive leadership Obama’s general vagueness is disappointing. 

But nothing has disappointed me more that the McCain campaign, which promised to run a more civilized campaign releasing their latest in sleaze. Equating Obama with Britney Spears and Paris Hilton apparently wasn’t enough. Now McCain has trolled the video reels and created a compliation of swooners. Effectively painting Obama supporters as little more than a fan club. I’m sure it will be defended as an attempt at humor. But what it really is doing is defining Obama as something “other” celebrity being supplanted for all of the other much more ugly things people have said about him. That it’s his “soft eyes” and “dreamy” qualities that make him appealing. It’s low, it’s disgusting, and quite frankly, coming from John McCain, rather shocking. I expected the independent groups to come out with ads like this. But for McCain’s own campaign to run such a sleazy and patently insulting ad is repulsive.

The question I suppose now is just how low will McCain go? How much is he willing to taint his own reputation and brand? Does he really dislike Obama so much and want the presidency this badly that he’s willing to burn down the respectable brand he’s built in over 30 years of service? I sincerely hope not. I hope John McCain can find an economic plan that doesn’t involve the words off-shore drilling. An answer to healthcare that isn’t “consumer choice.” A budget that reconciles more enormous tax cuts with the ballooning deficit. Instead he’s defining himself as the tired old man hell bent on tearing down his opponent at all costs. This ad is just another step downward.

Regrettably, you can watch it below. I’d love to get comments on this one….


3 Responses

  1. Obviously, except when a conservative is the target, liberals have completely lost their sense of humor. Compared to the vile anti conservative/republican cartoons on most editorial pages this is funnier and more in the tradition of political satire. Unfortunately, the effect of an Obama tax hike is vastly understated which somewhat reduces the laugh factor.

  2. pjryan49:
    In response to your “the effect of an Obama tax hike…” quote, please get your facts straight – when Obama takes office, he will not raise taxes on families making $46,000 a year or less – that’s a common misconception, similar to Obama being a Muslim. That number is for a single person with no children. I believe the ‘standard’ married couple with 2 kids would be affected if they make upwards of $200,000, but it has been some time since I’ve read the article that showed Obama’s tax package.

    Anyway, I agree that McCain has stooped to new lows.
    A ‘fan club?’ Seriously?, this old guy sure knows how to kick those kids off of his lawn.

  3. Please check your facts. The income tax hike is the least harmful of Obama’s threatened tax increases. Doubling the capital gains tax, the windfall profits tax on oil producers and the restoration of the inheritance tax will all have severe impact on the economy. Capital gains tax increases result in lower capital gains tax collections as it is easy to avoid the tax by not investing in taxable investment vehicles. Just as Jimmy Carter’s big boat tax had the unintended consequence of putting thousands of boat builders out of work and brought in virtually no revenue when the boat business collapsed, the increased capital gains tax will end up cutting government revenues. The windfall profits tax will drive up the cost of energy and every consumable. Low investment creates low employment. High energy costs cause high inflation. High inflation begets high interest rates. High interest rates mandate high mortgage rates. Add it all up and you get lower tax revenues. If Obama is elected, get ready to reactivate the misery index. I forgot, add in the increased cost of unemployment benefits. That also lowers the available tax revenues for legitimate government needs. None of the politicians have the guts to do it right, abolish the entire federal tax code and replace it with a rational tax on economic activity.

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