Candidate Challenge: McCain, really Country First?

John McCain’s campaign slogan is “Country First.” If that’s so let me ask a few questions.

Senator McCain, does it put the “Country First” to preach about off-shore drilling to solve our energy problems, when in fact North America accounts for about 3% of oil reserves in the world?

Does it put “Country First” to make President Bush’s tax cuts permanent, and promise more tax cuts, without providing a method to pay for them?

Does it put ‘Country First” to “solve” our healthcare crisis with more market choice? When market choice has been the system for the last century and has led to the dismal state of health care today?

Does it put “Country First” to solve national education with more school choice? Or shouldn’t every child have access to the best school?

Does it put “Country First” to stay in Iraq as long as you feel necessary, but also promise to add troops to the campaign in Afghanistan? 

Senator McCain, does it put “Country First” to insult your opponent, distort his positions, and paint him as a vapid celebrity? Senator McCain, is it “Country First” to assume we are somehow stupid?

Senator McCain, why not put “Country First” and start engaging in an honest debate. 

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5 Responses

  1. “People who make under $80,000 are too stupid to understand taxes anyway”
    -John McCain

  2. People like you should not be spouting writing articles about things you clearly do not understand. The only people who would vote for Obama, are racist black people (polls show 97% Obama), or good for nothing lazy Americans who just want a free hand out because “they didn’t have a fair chance.” Obama will most likely get elected and then all the people like you can sit their dumbfounded realizing that you just got fed a line of bull from the Obama camp for the last year.

    -Thanks for adding to the demise of our country….just remember……country first.

  3. […] Comments Steve on Candidate Challenge: McCain, r…America » A pe… on Liberals hate real Americ…Jarvis Fielding on […]

  4. Wow, Steve has got some serious issues. Calling people who vote for Obama racist? That is rich. It’s time for clueless dumbasses like Steve to realize that the run of the far right is over. We are taking our country back… the whole country… not the parts that others would deem to be “real” or “fake” America.

    If there is someone who doesn’t understand, it is you Steve, not the author of this blog.

  5. Numbers don’t lie, Rick. Of black Americans polled, between 90%-97% of those surveyed are voting for Obama.

    The white vote is split nearly 50/50. If nearly all white Americans were voting for McCain, you don’t think there would be an outcry of racism?

    Don’t be so naive.

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