Candidate Challenge: Barack Obama, “Change, We Can Believe In?”

Senator Obama, your campaign slogan is “Change, We Can Believe In” well I have some questions as to why we should believe in the Change you promise.

Senator Obama, can I believe you will be able to end our occupation of Iraq in 16 months? What if conditions change? Is it 16 months no matter what? Or is it condidtions based? If so why not say that.

Can I believe you are going to engage in honest debate. Why not admit the surge worked? You were one of many (including this blogger) that thought the surge would fail. It didn’t. Things improved, why not say so? Can I believe you will be a good commander in chief if you can’t respond to changing conditions on the ground? I’ve gone through eight years of stubborn presidency, I don’t want four more. 

Can I believe you will provide universal healthcare? If so how are you going to pay for it with the economy in recession?

Can I believe you will do the politically challenging work of moving America to alternative energy? You were against off-shore drilling, but are now showing some wiggle room. Why aren’t you forcefully arguing for an alternative energy program. Why is your energy plan so vague? 

Can I believe the rules are really going to change in Washington? You promise to change the way Washington operates, yet you have no legislative background to support this. 

Can I believe you will really relieve middle class taxes once you are President? Staring down the barrel of recession, will you have the guts to raise taxes on wealthy Americans and corporations? 

Can I believe you will enact the changes you promised? When Senator McCain launched the idea of Lincoln-Douglass style debates, you claimed to be open to it. But have since shut them down, why? Perhaps if you hadn’t McCain wouldn’t have been able to run these sleazy ads, and you wouldn’t respond in kind. 

Senator Obama, I want to believe. Can you give me a reason?

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