My Lumpy Milkshake Made Me Kiss a Girl

It seems I am not alone in my hatred of the latest annoying, constantly playing song of the summer, Katy Perry’s “I Kissed a Girl”.  It’s not just the cloying rhythm and melodic cadences which cling to the brain and spread slowly through the regions, disintegrating brain cells slowly and painfully.

There’s something else that really bothers me. 

It offends me as a woman.  This song is not a song of self-discovery, a declaration of interest in the same-sex.  No, this song is the pure objectification of women in a manner as bad as or perhaps worse than the rap lyrics that get all the media attention.  And it is merely one in a long line of recent songs in a similar vein.  Songs like “Milkshake” by Kelis and “My Humps” by the Black Eyed Peas.

These songs portray women as mere sexual objects…objects that should aspire to be desirable by embodying whatever sexual fantasy men come up with.  Including kissing other girls when drunk.  And why are these more offensive than scantily clad women grinding on men in rap videos?  Because while neither is exactly positive imagery, the rap videos in most instances come across like a male fantasy.  This is what these men have dreamt up in their fantasy worlds.  But when a woman is singing about how much they embody these ridiculous fantasies and how that makes them so desirable, it sends the message that a woman’s worth is determined by how well she fits the male sexual fantasy and how much money a man is willing to spend on her.  Well the last time I checked, that was prostitution.  

And as all these girls and young women are singing along with these incessantly played tunes, I wonder what impression they are taking away.  And I wonder why these are the most dominant messages about women out in the pop music world today.


3 Responses

  1. uh oh, another angry feminist ranting about how she hates being “objectified”. The world finds woman attractive and likes to produce entertainment with sexual overtones… And the woman is the star of the show… gee, that must be so hard for you, my heart is aching, you must really have it hard in this life…

    Maybe you should think about the experience of living in a society where women are placed under men in every respect. In this society you get all the same freedoms as men.

    Also consider that men are objectified as well, i.e. Abercrombie & Fitch ads. The reason you see more of it with women is because of human nature and the way in which people are wired for attraction. Attraction for men is based mostly on physique, while for -most- women, attraction is based predominantly on their perception of a man’s attitude. This is why male strip clubs are not as popular as female strip clubs. Women like to think that their attraction for men is different because they are “less shallow”, but in truth it’s because they are different in the head. Even pathetic men can learn charm and charisma. These are the characteristics that women are attracted to, but it’s not so easy to put charm or charisma up on a billboard, or into a music video, but it can be put into movies, and this is why women like chick flicks. Maybe I should write an article about how I feel chick flicks are offensive to me as a man…

    Anyway, quit your bitching and write about something useful…

  2. Rob is whack.
    I’m picking up what you’re throwing down.

  3. While I am absolutely SICK of songs like this – being slutty or feigning lesbian intentions for attentions from the opposite sex – was I the only one who felt Katy Perry was actually tongue-in-cheek, and making fun? I didnt really get the sense that she was on the same jag as alot of the other songs or the Madonna-Britney kiss kind of media stunt….

    …maybe its just me.

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