A better brand of baseball

Last night I saw my first “A” level baseball game. My father and I headed to Keyspan Park and watched the Brooklyn Cyclones.

It was walking through the gate at Keyspan Park was like stepping through time. An affordable ticket ($13 a piece we were two rows away from third base) a free program and ballpark food(the menu was hot dogs, hamburgers, fries, pretzels, and knishes- we are in Brooklyn).

There were kids everywhere running around the stands asking questions about the game. Familes, entire families, middle class families were at the ballpark for the cost of a movie. The Cyclones lost, but there was no booing, no cursing and yelling. Maybe it was the low cost of entry or the lack Major League “just win baby” attitude, but people seemed genuinely happy just to come out to the ballpark.

So what’s the point? Get out to your local A or AA team grab a hot dog and have some fun. You’ll be happy you did.


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  1. I’ve gone to a couple of Staten Island Yankees games and had the same wonderful experience. The smaller stadium means everyone has a great seat, it’s so low key and there is a definite feeling of family and community. And it’s cheap as a song!

    One of my favorite parts was the various goofy games and contests between innings. It reminded me of going to games as a kid.

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