Russia at War

thinkPop doesn’t fancy itself a news outlet. But I felt a need to at least post a link to the NY Times on the developing conflict between Georgia and Russia. If any of you have any insight into this conflict leave a comment below…


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  1. Just came across Your headline: what, war in Russia? Heard of Russian troops and planes invading Georgia, but what’s that war in Russia?
    As for my insight, the road to the present trouble was opened in spring when the Old Europe bowed to Russian pressure and postponed admission of Ukraine and Georgia for NATO candidates. This left Russia with free hand to grill Georgia to avoid emergence of prosperous, democratic and (worst of all!) independent from Russia country in its neighbourhood. Assassination attempt on the head of pro-Georgian administration of South Ossetia, Russian Air Force flights over Georgia, roadside bomb blasts targeting Georgian police patrols, shelling of Georgian villages – this campaign finally forced Georgia to respond.
    As for roots of South Ossetian conflict in general, they lie some 20 years ago when Russian central government realised seriousness of national liberation movements across non-Russian parts of the USSR. The tactic to preserve the Empire of Tatters has been twofold: first, hijack political processes in the “near abroad” and plant obedient leaders and governments, second, if unsuccessful, divide and rule by stirring up confrontation between the noncompliant nation and some minorities or Russian colonists.

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