The NY Times Opines for Obama

David Brooks, NY Times conservative columnist pens this description of Obama as something of an unknowable. 

While Maureen Dowd draws a literary comparison for all the PUMA’s out there. 

UPDATE: Dan Schnur adds these thoughts on why perceptions never die in politics.

For better or worse, assume that the competing stick figures of Angry Old Geezer and Callow Young Egotist remain in place through the election and beyond. After all, for most Americans, Al Gore will always be boring, Ross Perot is still crazy, and Dan Quayle will forever be learning how to spell. So neither Mr. McCain nor Mr. Obama is going to shed these images anytime soon: the question is how to best deal with them.

What I find fascinating is that Obama’s policy decisions are largely unquestioned this week. The McCain ad campaign shifted the chattering class exactly where they needed it to go, talking about Obama the person, not Obama the policies. This week, rather than discuss the merits (or lack there of) of policy merit for McCain. Everyone is talking about this new “central question” is Obama ready to be president.


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