Obama: Three Things to Watch

Political wonks of all stripes on both sides of the aisle are largely coming to the mutual conclusion that this race is entirely about Barack Obama. Which, by the way, is exactly what Senator McCain wants. Republican strategists believe that if the race were solely about issues, Democratic positions poll so much better than Republican ones the race would be over before it started. Thus McCain strategy is to break Obama down and destroy our faith in him. 

I’m going to go out on a limb here and make an observation. Most Americans aren’t paying attention right now. Oh sure, I’m reading blogs, checking the web, watching youtube. But the average voter is having fun this August. They endured an impossibly long primary season and are quite rightly taking a break from the monotony of the campaign. The Olympics are coming and they will offer a further much needed diversion from politics. As such, there are three moments that Obama needs to nail, if he does he will win the Presidency. If he does not, it’s anybody’s game…

His VP pick is crucial

Lots of analysts are in the camp that Obama’s pick doesn’t matter as much as McCain’s. I actually think he really needs an attack dog VP that can get out there and get offended on his behalf. Obama’s above the fray rhetoric, sometimes leaves him vulnerable to cheap shots. A tenacious VP who can defend him vigorously while he talks issues is a valuable asset. 

The Convention Speech

Unlike most conventions, Obama’s campaign has turned the convention into an outright media event, but it has a purpose. If nothing else it’s a huge voting drive. Obama activists are getting first dibs on tickets. His rockstar rhetoric and the huge setting will give his campaign a morale boost unheard of in modern political history. The rest of the nation needs to get swept up in this rally.

The First Debate

Often the most watched, the first debate between these two will turn issues front and center. When it does Obama needs to win it. It can’t be close, McCain is a feisty debater, good at getting opponents off message. Obama has had debate issues in the past, he needs to win this one clearly on points or score a knockout. If he does many Americans who were worried about his abilities will take a chance.


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  1. Thanks also for that very thought-provoking post about Obama’s three musts.

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