From the Bureau of People that Need to Get Over It

So apparently Chuck Todd (NBC Political Director) made a comment yesterday on Meet the Press. He basically said the people still supporting Hillary despite her mathematical elimination from the nomination fight, were a essentially a small group “manufactured in manhattan.”

Well that prompted a response on The Concluence which I found somewhere between stupid and moronic:

The truth is much more frightening than that, Chuck. We did this all on our own and we are EVERYWHERE. Yes, Chuck, we are in your Whole Foods and Wegman’s. We drink lattes at the Starbucks on the corner. We take our kids to your summer camp. We swim on your beaches and pools. We send our children to Iraq. We are on the East coast, the West coast, Texas and North Carolina. We are a viral infection. We are spreading. It’s much worse than you think. Manhattan is not the headquarters. There *is* no headquarters. We are in every neighborhood and demographic group. We are like zombies who rise from the dead, who you can’t kill off. Trying to corner us on an island in NY is futile. It will be like playing Whack-a-Mole.

If PUMAs (Party Unity My Ass) want to compare themselves to zombies I can go with that. Zombies can’t be killed but they also feed on everyone in sight until everything dies. I’m also no expert but I think by the end of most zombie movies, the zombies are the ones that end up losing. You know losing, like Senator Clinton did. Viral infection, sounds like something you go to the clinic in Chelsea for….

People talk about the Obama “cult of personality” but come on ladies. Simply continuing to blindly support a candidate that LOST the nomination fair and square is a level of devotion usually reserved for religious extremists. Its a free country and you can support whatever candidate you like, if you think your interests are best served by voting McCain, or not voting at all, well fair enough. But stop pretending that this nomination was stolen from Senator Clinton, you know like she stopped pretending she ever dodged sniper fire.

Though what do you get when you combine a sniper and some zombies……


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