John McCain, cranky old man?

John McCain has two problems right now. The first is that is he is reacting to Obama. Obama spends 9 days overseas, McCain is reduced to becoming one of the many media critics and general commenters. He complained about a lack of media coverage, but there really wasn’t much to cover.

Second, the McCain camp has started to openly show their disdain for Obama and his team. They’ve begun using their private nickname for him “the one” in public. Essentially owning the idea that Obama really hasn’t quite earned it yet, that he is too young and too fresh. That line of reasoning and attack didn’t work for Richard Nixon in 1960 and it didn’t work for Bob Dole in 1996. Americans are reflexively against the idea of age and experience being the sole qualification one needs to be president.

If McCain is to reverse the recent polling trends (though it depends which you read) he must begin to create a compelling reason for us to vote FOR him, not simply against Obama.


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