Welcome to ThinkPOP

Hello all!

I’m really excited to introduce thinkPOP!

For those of you wondering what thinkPOP is and what it will soon be, let me attempt to shed some light…

ThinkPOP is something of a reboot of my previous blog, policythought. Policythought had a mission, to delve into policy matters over politics. Myself and my stellar team of collaborators were to examine issues relating to real policy not the day to day nonsense of Washington. Over time we began to realize that it was impossible to talk policy without talking about the culture, particularly the media culture that influences all of us.

Then as the primaries came upon us we realized something, politics drives our decision making in this culture and how politicians navigate the waters of our media and popular culture dictates what policies they might be able to enact.

Over the seemingly never ending primary season it became clear that our policy, our politics, and our popular culture are interwoven too tightly to extricate one from the others. We took a little time off reconstituted our team, created a new URL with a fabulous new host and now we are thinkPOP, policy, politics and pop culture.

In the coming days and weeks you’ll see a bevy of new content from our dedicated team here at the thinkPOP.

We’ve examine the daily headlines analyze policy issues, dissect the campaign, and comment on pop culture. ThinkPOP is also meant to be a place for discussion and comments from our readers. As such, we encourage you to visit often and comment on what you read, hear, and see here on thinkPOP.


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  1. Best of luck in your new endeavor. I’ll work to get some traffic to your new blog.

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